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We know running a law firm and litigating cases can be expensive and you don't need to add any additional costs. With Client Bridge you will only receive an invoice if the case has a successful recovery. The cost can be paid by the law firm or passed on to the client as a case cost!

Once you update the app and inform the client that you have gotten them a successful recovery in the attorney portal, you will automatically receive an official invoice that gives you the ability to pay via credit card, check or ACH payment.  You will also receive a receipt for the client's file.

At the conclusion of a case, the attorney will receive an invoice which can be charged to the client as a case cost or can be paid by the firm.  “Per-case basis” means for each and every client who downloads an account with Client Bridge. This will be a single charge that will grant access to both the attorney and client for the duration of their engagement, whether that be 6 months or 6 years.

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