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The management team of Client Bridge is composed of attorneys and professionals with decades of experience in the personal injury industry. The biggest complaint we hear from thousands of clients is that their attorney is not effectively communicating information about their case or that they have a difficult time getting in touch with the law firm. After seeing a big need for a solution to this problem we collectively came up with Client Bridge…. The ultimate attorney-client communication tool!


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Executive Director

Redefining the Client Experience

Today's clients expect immediate responses from their attorneys and want to communicate the easiest way possible, whether that is through text, social media or an app whenever they want. Rarely will you find anyone in today's world without their phone. More then ever before, clients are hiring their attorneys based off of online reviews and social media.

Almost every law firm spends thousands of dollars on CRM programs, case management software and electronic filings.  While all of those tools help you practice law, does it really improve the client experience? Waiting and not knowing what the future holds gives clients anxiety and stress.

Our mission is to create a tool that is an easy, inexpensive and a highly effective way to reduce your clients’ anxiety and that’s through frequent communication. By periodically interrupting “the wait”,  time is perceived to move more quickly.


Everything your client needs to know about their case is in their pocket. Improved client-experience leads to improved online reviews and more client referrals which leads to more business for your firm.

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